Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

My friend, Claudia, found these white small metal mail boxes at Target in their dollar bin.  She bought several and shared a couple with me.  Her inspiration?  She had just taken a class of mine where we used alcohol inks and she wanted to use them on these mail boxes to deliver Valentine's gifts to her grandchildren.  Here are some cards she made, along with the very cute mail box. The white doilies (which are really "in," by the way) - the set up is beautiful!  Beautiful display, Claudia, and I am so pleased you are excited about crafting.  I really feel that crafting of any sort is good for the soul.
With the two she gave me, I simply wrapped a piece of paper around the mail box, used the stickers I purchased during the glitter class, with Elizabeth Crafts Design, and then tied tulle around the paper.  I used a few heart embellishments on the side and the flag.  I thought they turned out so cute and so very simple!
I filled them with a little bit of candy and a couple of gift cards.  The main thing is that my daughters really liked them and thought they were cute - that's all that really matters.


FitterTwit said...

SUPER cute!!! :) LOVE Claudia's mailboxes!!! Alcohol inks ROCK!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh, these are SO cute, Jean! I bought one of those little mailboxes and never got around to embellishing it. LOVE the tulle on these!!! :o)