Friday, April 1, 2011

My baby is graduating...

My youngest daughter, Kimberly, is graduating from ASU in May and we are really excited about that event - for many reasons really.  The obvious reason is that this is a great accomplishment for Kim and she will be starting a new career for herself (she has a job with the State of Arizona - yeah!!!).  I am already an empty nester, so that doesn't count.  BUT... Kim will be independent and ... on... her... own!  I realize there will be a transition period, but hey, she's starting to travel down that road.
So we made a trip to Paper Vineyard last night to buy paper for her graduation announcements.  What you see below are the papers we selected.  She did not want to use the typical ASU colors of maroon and gold and she didn't want anything blue because it would be too "boyish" so we selected two lavender colors and hopefully will tie it in with the decorative paper on top which is a blue and lavender swirl - a subtle print that we think we can print on.  If not, it will make a beautiful background.
Wish us luck as we put this together - I will be sure and show you the announcements once they are done.

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Pam Wendt said...

Well one thing's for sure - with you involved in the process of designing and creating these announcements - they will for sure be gorgeous!
Congratulations to your new graduate! :o)