Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday started off with a scary, but still a "feel good" moment

I have only one picture to show you, but I want to tell you something out of the ordinary that happened to me on Sunday morning.  I was pulling into the parking ramp at work (my office building - doing a little catch up work because I don't normally work on the weekends), and I heard a female voice yelling for help.  It was upsetting, so I drove around the first floor of my parking ramp but saw absolutely nothing, no people, no movement, nothing.  This bothered me even more, so I pulled out of the ramp to see if there was anything going on outside of the parking ramp.  As I pull out, I see a dog hanging by his leash and collar/harness from the top floor of a three-story parking ramp.  That was the lady I heard calling for help.  This is the parking ramp.  I took a picture on my way out.  I can't believe I missed her driving in, but she was on the right side of my car.

I quickly parked my car and ran across the street (in flip flops), up the stairs (thinking I really need to get back into shape) and headed toward the lady and her dog.  She is trying to get 911 on the line but can't keep a connection long enough to let them know exactly where she is.  Short story - Jada (her dog) was slipping out of the harness, but the good news was we were able to pull her up enough that I could grab her front legs and pull her over the ledge.  She was so good and calm.  When we got her back on the pavement, Jada just kept licking my toes.  I know she was telling me thank you.  She appeared to be fine, walking just fine - the owner in worse shape than Jada.  Their story:  The owner and her dog were jogging in the ramp, like they normally do, and for some unknown reason, Jada jumped over the outside wall.  I'm glad I came to work when I did; I was running later than I had hoped.  I don't think the owner could have held on much longer.  She said she had been screaming and many people went by, but no one else heard her.  Jada weighs more than 60 pounds.  It made me appreciate my two little dogs that much more.
and Sophie
Have a great day, everyone!  I bet Jada and her owner are having a relaxing night.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it. I work at home and today my Hubby showed up around noon soaking wet up to his armpits. He was driving and saw a lady running alongside of a large canal frantically. He looked in and saw her dog. The water was rushing and the dog was getting tired. He had a rope in the back of the truck so he tied it to the bumper of the truck and eased down into the canal and was able to grab the dog by its collar. He was able to pull the dog out but slipped into the water while trying to get his footing in the slime on the wall of the canal. So the good news is a doggie was saved yesterday and another was saved today!! Couldn't resist telling you this story. Thanks for being kind. We all love our pets so much. It is wonderful when someone takes time to help. PS your puppies are darling!

Lois said...

Thats what kind and caring people do and I can actually see you doing a good deed for someone in distress. I'm so glad you helped save Jada. Now tell me, how fast did you run up the flight of stairs. =]