Monday, August 7, 2017

Always have fun on CRAFT Day!!!

My friends, Cindy and Celina, and myself, get together about every 2 months - give or take - and spend a day crafting.  This last Saturday we were at Cindy's house (which is where we always meet), and here's what we worked on...
Celina is working on scrapbooks - a two-page layout for each month.
You should see these pages - 
they are SO detailed and the Cricut
is used to create multiple layers.
 Not only is she making one for herself, but she is making
two others for friends.
Needless to say, it is a lot of work and a lot cutting,
truly gifts of labor.
I know that Celina's husband, Greg, is a huge help 
to her in regard to cutting the kits.
The result is beautiful!
 Cindy and I bought birdhouses many years ago.
I can't even remember how long - maybe 7 years?  Maybe?
I just can't remember, but we decided it was high time to take 
those birdhouses out and "alter" them.
 Cindy's birdhouse is on the left.  Mine is on the right.
She got so creative with "stuff" she had around her craft room:
metal items/springs, golf teas, burlap.
It turned out so darn cute!
 So this morning, after church, I came home and looked through
my stash of stuff.  I felt my birdhouse needed more.
So, I pulled out Glubers.  Remember them - made by Cosmo Cricket?
Big flat glue dots in various sizes.
I still have a few packages left - they are GREAT for flowers.
I don't know if you can even buy them anymore.
 They stuck well to the glass tile roof.
 I then pulled some embellishments from Kaiser craft
and Prima - FINALLY!  I get to use them.  Whew Hoo!
I didn't have to buy anything for to do this project - even better.
 So here's my final product...
 I used a My Mind's Eye line - Wild Asparagus - to cover the wood, and
some metal items of mine and of Cindy's.
(Wild Asparagus is gone, too.)
 As I mentioned, I have had this wood birdhouse for years.
So I had been gathering stuff over the years.
I found glass tiles that made great roofing material.
I used leather strapping for the flower stems on the side.
 The metal items were a combination of stuff found around the house
(my house and Cindy's house) and some by Tim Holtz.
I am extremely happy with the final product.

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