Monday, August 30, 2010

I really love vintage photos

I find that they are so interesting. Take these two ladies... advertising hosiery/stockings. Would we see that today?

and I love this photo - something very intriguing about how they used small colored circles on this diver.

Oh, to be 21 again!

Meet Tiffany, Kimmy's very good friend. Tiffany is on the left and Kimmy is (obviously) on the right. They came over yesterday afternoon to work on invitations for Tiffany's 21st birthday. I do not even remember what we did for my 21st birthday, but I know it was not this... Kimberly is hosting a sit down dinner for her friend, Tiffany. What a great idea! Invitations are formal. Dress is more than casual. See the invites below. It is a "play on Tiffany's jeweley and very cute! The boxes will actually be holding a cupcake.
The photo is a little dark, but the front of the box says "Tiffany's Treat." They will look so nice on the table. Happy early birthday, Tiffany! Mom's famous last words are "Use Your Smarts."

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Leave a message. Nobody's home. (I'm quoting Miss Myah) Just my way of saying I probably won't blog on Saturday, but who knows - I think I will have more time on Sunday.
Anybody remember these phones? I think this is just like the one I grew up with. It was a black wall phone with a rotary dial. Our number was 372-3489, but when we first learned our number, you only had to dial 2-3489. Pretty amazing how much we've changed, huh?
Talk to you soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I took this picture!

And I did a great job, don't you think? It is Teresa Collins and Adriana, the owner of (Paper Vineyard Scrapbook Store in Chandler, AZ). While working the store on Wednesday night, we had quite a few visitors who are attending Creative Escape, which is being held at Wild Horse Pass Resort. Teresa Collins is teaching there this year and she popped into the store with several of her friends. I didn't notice her at first, but then as I got closer, I said to Adriana "Is that THE Teresa Collins?" It is and it was such a nice surprise! Have a great day!

What a great pho mo!

That's my new short word for "photo moment." Driving into work today, the sky is dark and cloudy and absolutely beautiful! You can see the rain coming down. Scattered thunderstorms and lightning are on the horizon for today. We have had just buckets of rain here and it is such a nice change! Here's another shot taken from an 8th floor window (notice the reflections of the light fixture - sorry about that).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Card Exchange last Sunday

Our theme for August was sympathy and these are the cards that everyone made. As you can see, we have some great talent in the card exchange group. This card was designed by Cindy, who was not able to make the meeting, but I was supposed to take her cards. I put them right next to mine, then walked out without them. I felt so bad for leaving hers behind. They will get exchanged next month, but I believe they deserve special attention - since I screwed up. Cindy, if you're reading this - I AM SO VERY SORRY! It is a gorgeous card.
Melody made each of us a beautiful little box that holds cards. It would make a great gift - this box with finished cards inside. So very cute!
Next month's theme is Halloween. I have to say I am a little excited to work on that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What is it about these jars

that made me copy the photo off the internet. I saw this picture and absolutely loved it, but I don't know why. Maybe it reminds me of my mother, who used to can all the time when I was growing up. Although she never used the blue canning jars - at least not during my lifetime. Maybe it's the colors of the photo. I don't know, but for some reason I really like this picture... and, of course, I wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's that time...

when I start thinking about where I want to go next summer for our vacation. Actually, I have been thinking about it since our trip to the beach this last summer. I've been tossing around the idea of Vancouver, BC so I copied some pictures off the internet. Check them out...
Doesn't it look awesome??
Butchart Gardens - actually in Victoria

I have a nephew and his family who are living in Vancouver right now and it would be really nice to spend a little time with them. Doesn't it look like a cool place? Anybody ever been? I'm open to any information/tips about Vancouver. I LOVE your comments!

Today is my day for dreaming.

Monday, August 23, 2010

With rings on fingers...

and bells on her toes, she will make music wherever she goes. What's that from? A nursery rhyme, but I'll have to think about that one. I want to spotlight Nicole today - she makes the funkiest jewelry (rings/bracelets/necklaces) and Friday night she had several of her rings with her - almost enough for each finger. So I want to share them with you. It is funny, we asked several women which was their favorite and we all picked different ones. She rolls papers, she wraps wires, she uses beads, she stamps on grunge board. She will also tie in pictures. She has some great ideas. Keep it goin', Nicole!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's my contribution to the August card exchange

You've seen me talk about the card exchange at Paper Vineyard and today is the day! This month's theme was sympathy, and this is my card.The paper line is K & Company. I used an EK Success border punch, layered two pieces of cardstock, ruffled some sheer ribbon, and here's my favorite part - I STITCHED over the ruffle (I LOVE that look!), and added a button. It is a simple concept, but it took a little bit of time to put together 12 of these cards. I always put a little bit of something on my envelope just to add that personal touch. After the exchange today, I will upload a photo of all of the cards.

My August All Occasion Card Class

The finished products (10 cards for $20 - best price in town). I teach my card classes each month at The store blog is Take some time to check it out!
Here's the classroom at Paper Vineyard BEFORE everyone starts working. I just think it looks so nice and neat - the cards are lined up at each spot and they reminded me of a rainbow. Corny, I know, but this is how it looks before we begin... Here are some participants (Pat, Debbie and BJ) - lots of smiles - that's always a good sign...
... Marilyn, Chris, Debbie, Colleen, Carol and Brooke (mother and daughter)...
Miss Pat... who didn't want her picture taken.
Kelly and "Barbara" - good friends having a good time.
Ryan, who was such a GREAT help that day! He is also the sole guy who works at Paper Vineyard. He happens to be helping Karen, who tried to run from the camera.
And we can't forget the cupcakes!
We had a great class and thanks to everyone for the extremely fun day!

What's wrong with this picture???????

Our firm always has a "meet and greet" for new employees - about once a quarter or so. Just so you know, I was not going to go because they always serve ice cream and toppings. But Geri came back - right into my office - and showed me hers. So what's wrong with this picture? I had the diet book out and we placed the ice cream next to it just for the purpose of taking a picture. I also want to clarify that I did not partake in the treat - I solely went for the purpose of meeting new co-workers. My daily treat is still raspberries and Reddi-Whip!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baby Frame

Just wanted to quickly share this baby frame I made for a co-worker. Their baby room theme is zoo animals in green and brown. These frames are so cute and economical to make - it takes like nothing to make them. I took a class by Cosmo Cricket last year at Scrapfest in Minnesota and have made numerous frames since then. Very cute idea and so simple... but personal.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not your typical birdhouse

I absolutely went crazy when I saw this birdhouse at the Frenzy Stamper. Most people decorate their birdhouses really pretty with flowers, glitter embellishments, very nice and frilly - and that's the way I was headed with mine. But then I saw this... I was so taken with this birdhouse. It is very rustic using rusted nails, old bottle caps, metal pieces, a handle for an outdoor spicket (did you know spicket is also spigot?? I learned something today!). It is very cool and it inspired me to go that direction. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My "treat" for today

Looks pretty good, huh? Well, I found out that I could have fresh raspberries with whipped cream for very little sugars/carbs points. In fact, it says that whipped cream is free points, so... I thought a little raspberry with my whipped cream might be good. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I promised "before and after" shots of my craft room...

Here are 3 photos that pretty much show you most everything. Remember, pictures don't lie. My desk - I know. It was bad. Really bad. It is obvious that I couldn't even work there.
Storage - crazy! Some of the bins were stacked 3 high! These are probably half of the storage bins I used.
This is my craft room now. Remember that I took over the formal living room and I LOVE IT! This is the Original Scrapbox and I really do like it. I find it helped organize a lot of my little stuff and my projects.
The top of one of my black shelves. I have two of these shelving units. Each bin is a little bigger than 12" x 12" which works great for scrapbookers or card makers. I just love having the space.
My desk and storage bins. These are mostly stamp sets. I started in 1994 with stamping cards. I'm pretty sure at one time I kept all of my supplies in a plastic shoe box - look how I've grown my collection of stuff!
The book shelf containing my papers. Notice my beautiful rainbow display. Nobody better touch that! It's only for looks. :)
I still have some things to organize, but if you were to ask me where something is, I could find it! I love this room. It is just so comfortable to go in, sit down, and start working on a project.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heads down, no talking

This is the In Stitchz' (By Bazzill) class I taught Monday night at Paper Vineyard. I had 11 wonderful students - you can see they are all concentrating on their stitching. The idea of In Stitchz' is needlework on paper. It is an absolutely beautiful way to embellish a scrapbook page or a card. It really adds "oomph" to your hand made work.
These hands belong to Marianne. She is stitching her design on an accent piece of the card.
These are the finished products. These cards were done by Nancy - they are great cards! Thanks to everyone who attended. The class went very well and I appreciate everyone who signed up.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Breakfast anyone?

You think this is sad looking? I do. This was my breakfast today, along with a cheese stick. I hate to put this in writing, but if I do, maybe it will help me stay on track. You might have guessed it, I AM ON A DI-ET. I really want to lose weight, so my friend, Diana, and I are doing the Belly Fat Cure diet. The hummus was actually very good and pretty much rib stickin'. I dipped Orowheat Sandwich Thins into the hummus. Lunch was broasted chicken. Today was my first day and it went surprisingly well. I wasn't famished and thinking about food all day long. Usually I want to come home from work (that's my darkest hour) and clean out the refrigerator or freezer. I love Weight Watchers Latte bars - none of those for a while. I drank a lot of iced coffee today - NO creamers and NO sugar. I actually liked it. My treat today? Sugar free chewing gum. So... I'm thinking I can do this. Those of you that know me, keep me honest. This is really important to me, so I'm putting it on the blog.

I've got competition

Okay, Miss Kylee, you're giving me a run for my money! She is starting out young, but evidently she has enough craft and coloring materials/supplies, that she needed to upgrade to this 3-piece organizational cart. Should I tell her to stop now or just keep going? Pretty soon, she will take over the fourth bedroom. Actually, Kylee, just say to mom "a girl can never have too much glue and stuff!" Are we sure she's not a blood relative of mine?

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Cosmo Cricket apron

Meet Lindsay - Sales Director of Cosmo Cricket. In honor of his teaching some classes in a whirlwind weekend at Paper Vineyard, I made this basic apron out of the Girl Friday line. It has been a favorite whenever I wear it. My daughter, Kate, who is now a first grade teacher, has asked that I make her one (only a half apron, though), which by the way Kate, is the next thing on my list to do. To promote their fabric, Lindsay wore the apron while teaching. Good thing it matches his shirt.
FYI - This particular apron has been promised to Nicole.
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Hello Again - Check out my weekend project

My Cosmo Cricket Cogsmo line apron and pin cushion. The photos do not do it justice. The red is a little brighter and the blue is really more turquoise with a more green in it. I have had the fabric since February, and finally made the time to make it. I plan to use my apron for craft classes so I tried very hard to make the apron so that it could be easily washed. I used varigated thread because I think this fabric definitely begged for it.
I absolutely LOVE the flowers I made. The stems are made from rolled thin strips of fabric, then zig-zagged onto the pocket. Most of the buttons are also by Cosmo Cricket, however, the BIG green button is almost vintage - it came from Diana's mom's stash. It doesn't really look like a button but it is perfect for that flower.
My very good friend, Cindy, came over Friday night, just to show me how to make this adoreable pin cushion. It is very cute and pretty simple. You start with a 9" paper plate...
My apron is completely reversible, so when I actually sewed the apron together, I had to be sure that what I did on one side, worked just as well for the other side. The trickiest part was the placing and sewing of the big pockets. I have to say I am glad this is done and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you, Nicole, (and Cosmo Cricket) for nudging me!
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