Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'M PUBLISHED! Well, kind of ...

I go to Cosmo Cricket's website/blog almost every day. They recently displayed photos of their new show room. I'm viewing the photos and when I see this one, I about come unglued because I think that might just be my Mr. Campy book. It wasn't enough for me to think it, I had to know! So I called Cosmo Cricket hoping to speak with Lindsay; he was out, but I was lucky enough to speak with Jade (who was extremely patient with me). I am hoping I am not the only crazy crafter who's made a call to Cosmo Cricket. Anyway... Jade confirmed without a doubt that it is in fact my book. It totally made my day! I circled the book for you, but you will have to zoom in to really see it. Thank you, Cosmo Cricket!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Jack and Sophie

This is Jack - he is the first dog I have owned since 1988. He's been with us since November 2006. We are crazy about him - he is a sweet Parti-Pomeranian. I keep his fur short because it is much easier to maintain. He's 10 pounds, but he thinks BIG! We are not sure but guess he is 9-10 years old. Jack LOVES to take walks. We can hardly put his leash on him because he gets so wound up. He was a stray that someone found and we ended up with - we are lucky to have him! He's actually a cat in a dog's body. He has many of their characteristics. My daughters have taught him some tricks and try really hard to get him to "talk."

Meet Miss Sophie. Sophie turned 2 in February. She is very sweet and loving - she loves to cuddle. Strangers, however, would never get this feeling. She gets downright nasty when new people come over. We really try to work on that. but it is slow progress. She definitely can't be Chairman of the Welcome Committee. Sophie was living with neighbors of my friend from work, Elaine. She is so entertaining and we love to watch her. Sophie is a Schnauzer-Shih Tzu mix and her fur is changing. She is loud and stubborn. Her walks start off well, but then she gets to the end and wants to stop. I have to watch her because she will eat literally anything. She weighs approximately 18 pounds. We love having her around.

They are all spiffed up in these pictures. They must have been to the groomer the day we took these pictures.
If you have a dog(s), I would love to hear about them.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breakfast at Over Easy in Phoenix

We love to try new places - especially for breakfast. Kate was watching Guy Fieri's Diners and Drive-in show and this one featured Over Easy located at 40th Street and Indian School. Kate ordered the Carmelized Banana Pecan Brioche French Toast (1/2 order). I ordered the Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits with Sausage Gravy (1/2 order). Kimmy worked late and slept in. We both ordered the Over Easy Iced Coffee. It is not a sweet drink, but has cinnamon, cardamon, and a very small hint of mint - very smooth. We both really enjoyed our breakfast - the place is small and most of the seating is outside, so get there early. They open at 6:30. We arrived around 8:20 and walked right in.
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It was a 2-class day ~

Tina taught a class titled "Family Canvas" I believe. Very nice vintage frame starting with
two 6 X 6 canvasses. That word just doesn't look right, but my speller said it is.
We have (in no particular order because I can't figure this out) Sherry and Colleen working away...

Tina taking a picture of me while I am taking a picture of her...
RoseMarie who was a little shy about having her picture taken.
They really enjoyed this class and loved the finished frame!

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All their heads are down...

They are really focused. This is my class hard at work - the best students ever! PV offered a Magenta card class and the technique taught was the use of water color pencils. I have been using this technique since 1994 when I first started stamping. Water color pencils are a softer lead colored pencil that give the effect of water color painting when mixed with a tiny bit of water or when used with blender pens. The liquid makes the colors pop and so it is great when used with very detailed stamps. Also great for outlining letters or stems, anything like that. The finished sample cards are in the last picture in the frame.

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More stuff happening at Paper Vineyard!

If I have any extra time, it is usually spent at Paper Vineyard. When I'm not working, you can sometimes find me there. I want you to meet Adriana Granado, the owner of Paper Vineyard. She is funny, smart, on top of things, and did I say, funny? She is one of the most quick-witted persons I have ever met. And she laughs big, almost evil even. You can tell she likes to have a good time. Notice the "chalkboard wall" behind her - we have a Build-A-Book class taking place on Saturday, August 7. This is the second time we've offered this class. The first one was a HUGE success! Customers sign up, come in, and make a book. It's up to them as to whether they select whimsical, vintage, whatever. They are given many choices. Then they go to multiple stations to select embellishments and use different techniques in their books. Everyone had a really great time. You might want to check it out. The blog for Paper Vineyard is: The website is

I have a lot to post today, so I have to move on.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Princesses for a Day!

Miss Chandler Jr. Teen made a visit to Paper Vineyard and assisted her mother in teaching a class to young girls. The class project was a very cute, very girly frame and wand. They were glittery, pink and definitely made the girls feel like Princesses. If I remember right, about 15 girls attended (with their mothers or grandmothers) and they all had a blast. Some came dressed up in their princess dresses. It was a busy, and fun day!

Love that Wild Saffron line!

I absolutely love this book - it was not one that I got to keep, though. I made it for a guy who walked into the Paper Vineyard store. He was trying to "out do" his wife who was making a birthday book for her mother (his mother-in-law). He asked me if I would put together a book for him, but I only had 3 days to complete it. I half hoped that he wouldn't pick it up. My ownership was very short lived and I keep thinking I will make another one like it. Just another one of my projects I want to do...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great view!

My baby's in Vegas and she sends me this photo taken from her hotel room. Her friend won a room for two nights, so they drove over to Las Vegas. I have to admit, this is a beautiful view - but also a long way down! Have fun, Kimmy, and remember what mom says: Use Your Smarts!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look at what Nicole can do - Check out the new hand model!

My friend, Nicole, loves to make jewelry - all kinds of jewelry. I'm sharing with you some of her items.
*The first one (ring) she used a sheet of that shrink art product (you can stamp on it, then melt it). She stamped it with three different colors, then stamped it with the black design, baked it, and Oila!
*Items #2 are rings made out of grunge board by Tim Holtz. I believe she stamped them, punched holes so she could weave ribbon through them. Mod Podge was used to seal these rings. Very leathery look.
*Item #3 is a pendant made of Basic Grey paper (background) placed behind a glass square and topped off with rub ons; then placed in a metalic pendant/frame.
*Item #4 is a photo bracelet; she cut pictures to fit the acrylic rectangles; used mod podge to make them a little more durable; then put them together with rectangular jump rings.
Hooray, Nicole! Job well done!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm back... with a new look! I was just moving things around, looking at different templates and backgrounds, etc. (which took me forever, by the way). I ended up with this, which I do like - kind of Victorian/vintage. I've been wanting to show you pictures of one of my classes held at Paper Vineyard. It is what we call a Squash Book (because it "squashes" down). They are cute, versatile and very unique mini books. Here are pictures of the books folded, and then unfolded. The inside pages are what really make the book. And then, of course, I could not forget my students! They really concentrated on their books and they turned out beautifully! Look at all the smiles! And, just like I said... two GUYS took my class. They were actually signed up by Celina who is the wife of Greg and sister to Carlos. Thanks to everyone for making it a great success!

The Moment She's Been Waiting For...

OR... The Most Wonderful Pic Ever - that's the name Vanessa gave it. Kim had errands in my work neighborhood and she and Vanessa met me for lunch yesterday. We went to the Mid City Kitchen located right here in Phoenix Plaza - where I work. I didn't take pictures of our food, but Kimmy and Vanessa both had turkey sandwiches (they were HUGE), and I had a bowl of chili. They do make wonderful chili. I know because I am picky about my chili. As soon as they sat down, I was told Vanessa wants to be on my blog again, so here they are. You can also see that Vanessa is double jointed. The picture first creeped us out, but we decided to go with it. I was taking the pictures and it was the best of about 7 shots. Thanks, you two, for meeting me for lunch. It is always a blast!

My computer is still down - hopefully it will get done this week. I am at the mercy of others in that department. I will be blog crazy when it gets back up. Until then...

Friday, June 18, 2010

How many think that picture is me?

My (not so good??) friend, Cindy, thinks that picture is me (when I'm younger, of course) and wants to actually borrow my suimsuit. Who else thinks it might be me?
Actually, the hair is a dead giveaway!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's NOT that I've been bad...

It's that my computer has a virus! I prefer to post blogs from home, but have been unable to. I should hopefully have that resolved over the weekend! I have lots and lots of stuff to show you. No doubt it will be "catch up time." Things to come: my new craft room, completed Donna Downey book, my squash book class (2 guys actually came), and my card class. Until then, maybe you will enjoy this...

I'm not sure where I got this picture, but I am guessing it came from Nicole. She loves crazy pictures of kids. I would say this qualifies. I do not know this little one, but she looks like she is full of energy - to put it politely.
More later!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kimmy!!

Today is a really special day - it is my baby's 22nd birthday! Whew, Kimmy, you are old, girl (which makes me feel even older)! My computer at home has crashed, so I have access to only a few pictures of Kimmy, but here she is...

Getting her Iphone

Kimmy and Kylee
With her sister, Kate, in D.C.

What would you do with this?

Mr. Jones' secretary, Diana, gave me this very nice wood box. It was a gift to Mr. Jones and he asked her what they should do with it. Diana's response was "Hmmmmm. I think we should give it to Jean and see what she comes up with." Well, I have a few ideas, but I would love to hear yours! Thanks for any suggestions you offer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nobody can say we don't have it going on...

What's your definition of a shoe? I looked it up in the dictionary just to see what Websters said and found quite a few different meanings: (1) a durable covering of the human foot, (2) a horseshoe, (3) a device that is located at the base of something... blah blah blah. Someone at work felt Lea's navy and white shoes were worthy of being on my blog, so we started looking at some very special shoes within the JSH work place - these are only from the 8th floor. I can't imagine what shoes are hiding out on the 6th and 7th floors! They are quite fashionable and gorgeous - tell me if they are "a durable covering of the human foot."

and last but not least...

I couldn't leave out Carter.
Have a great day!