Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

February 29 - do you know anyone who was born on February 29?

It only comes every four years, so make it a great one!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Special Cards for my Parents

My parents are 86 and 87 years old.  Due to my mother's recent decline in health, my father is having to take over the task of cooking.  I say "kudos" to you, dad, for learning to cook at 87 years of age.  It is my habit to call them on my way home from work and dad is almost always fixing dinner or baking cookies.  I can't ever remember my dad baking when I was growing up.  He would cook, but pretty much only when my mother was sick or gone.  So for dad to start this journey at the age of 87, I have to say I am proud.  Here are the cards I sent to them today.  For my dad...
The stamps are from TooMuchFunRubberstamps.  I love the stove.
The card for my mother...
Part of the reason I love this stamp is because my mother always used a cast iron skillet.  In fact, she had several.  The inside joke?  My mother has been getting a little more cranky in her old age.  I thought this card was fitting for her - hopefully a little encouraging.
I love the lace-look trim.  It is a Martha Stewart border punch.
Mom and dad don't have a computer, so they will never see this and that's okay.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I finally broke down...

I have been mulling over the idea of a reader/tablet/??? for a very long time now.  I have a Literati reader and it is okay for a simple reader, but nothing to write home about.  Before I bought any more e-books, I wanted to find something different.  So I finally went with a Nook Tablet.  I have had it one night and I absolutely love it!
As you can see, I purchased a few games and a few books.  I need to figure out how to manage them, but I am very excited about it.  I should have stayed home and played today. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yep, more stamps

Okay, I was on a roll the other day when I was ordering humorous stamps.  The rest of them finally came...
I ordered them from Toomuchfun Rubberstamps in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You know I got excited when I saw Indiana - so not only are they cute, and funny stamps, they are from Indiana!  I have a little bit of pride going on.
Here's a sneak peek...
Still in the envelope but I  hope to put them to use on Friday night - I have a small group of friends coming over to craft and make some "fun" cards.  These should do the trick.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The best Valentine's Day Card

My daughter, Kate, is a first grade teacher.  For each holiday, her kids always bring her gifts and cards.  She received the best card from one of the boys in her class...
Be sure you read it carefully.  It just makes me laugh.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dr. Suess

My daughter's very good friend, Sondra, is having a baby - her first one!  We are all excited and happy for her ... and I am the one making the invitations.  Kate wants a Dr. Suess theme.  Try and find paper.  I don't think they make it.  I have looked everywhere!  So the next best thing was to purchase (used) books and cut out the pages.  That was SO hard for me to do.  I have always taught my daughters to take care of their books, but here I go and cut these up.  The first cut was the hardest.  (Isn't that song?  Oh, wait, the word is the deepest.)  Anyway, here's the "dummy" card...
The card is a panel that folds into 3 parts.  The ribbon slides off so the card can be fully extended.  The words are printed on vellum and then adhered over the design, making the design "muted."  I used my 5" Xyron and it was slick!  Each card is unique since each page of the books are unique.  I used Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches the Egg.   
They turned out very cute and are definitely one-of-a-kind invites.  I hope Sondra likes them.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It was a WICKED night!

Kate LOVES Wicked - loves it!  She got together some of her friends and a group of 7 of us went to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Tempe and then on to Gammage to see Wicked.  My other daughter, Kim, had a conflict with that night and I was able to invite my friend, Cindy, to go along and use her ticket.  I had seen Wicked a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.  Cindy had never seen it so she was in for a treat.  Here's a photo of the playbill.  We were not supposed to take pictures of the production, but I snuck one with my phone.  I am such a rebel and rule breaker.
This is the stage during the intermission - I don't know if you can tell, but it is a large dragon  hanging over the stage with a map of Oz behind it.
We had a GREAT time.  It was a late night, but a wonderful time.  It makes me want to check out the musicals playing in New York while we are there.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New stamps

In a few months the theme for our card exchange is "humorous" cards.  So... that started my quest for just the right stamp.  I found a company called "River City Rubber Stamps" and purchased a few to get started.  They really did have quite an assortment of funny stamps, but I ended up with these sayings...
And this one of two old ladies sitting next to each other, holding their purses.  This is not one I would normally choose, but I am excited to use it with a saying I already have.
It is always FUN to get stuff in the mail.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Day of Sunshine

The morning started out sunny and my little pups truly enjoyed it...
Jack absolutely LOVES sitting in the sunshine... he always has.
Sophie is not so sure...
And I had to coax both of them (with treats, no less) to sit still while I take their picture.
They sit really well as long as I am holding a treat in my hand.  The best trained dogs in the world.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Wisdom from SmashBurger

After church this last Sunday, I went to SmashBurger in Tempe.  Maryanna asked for a "to go" box for her leftovers.  I guess they want to be sure you leave with a little bit of "SmashBurger wisdom."  Let me show you what I'm talking about...
This quote is from the movie "Toy Story" which just happens to be one of my favorite movies!  We were told that when the employees get bored, this is what they do.  Nice personal touch!
We actually went for the sweet potato fries - without a doubt they were mmmmmmm good!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carter, the Great!

I work with Carter.  His group used to call him OGO (Oh, Great One!).  But now we are calling him Carter, the Great!
This last weekend, he was out shopping and at the Brass Armadillo, and he found this wall plaque advertising Carter the Great, The World's Weird Wonderful Wizard.  I guess we will have to start calling him Carter, WWWW.
Carter googled this character and evidently there was a REAL Carter the Great who lived during the years of 1974 - 1936.  Charles Joseph Carter got his start as a journalist and lawyer, then turned to magic.  He started in San Francisco but was better known abroad and was famous for the classic "sawing a women in half."    There is actually quite a bit of history regarding his home in San Francisco and it is very interesting.
Our Carter has decided to hang this plaque in his office - just so we don't forget who he is.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down...

Okay, so it wasn't a Monday, but it was a rainy day.  I live in Phoenix, so any change in the weather is good.  Today we had cold (cool for any northerners reading this) weather AND rain!  Thankfully, it didn't start pouring until I pulled into my drive.  I took pictures while I was sitting in traffic on the way home.
They don't look so dark in this picture but you could definitely tell that they were rain clouds.  This is before I actually got on the freeway, looking to the northeast.
This is in the East valley, heading south.  As soon as I got home I started fixing dinner.  Both of my daughters came over and we had pepperoni roll ups...
This was the only one left - a nice snack for another time.  I took crescent rolls and rolled pepperoni and  provolone cheese inside.  The girls loved them.  Very easy to do.  The idea actually came from  I was sad to see the girls go - sometimes... sometimes it is too quiet around here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baking for Valentine's Day

Yep, Tuesday is Valentine's Day...  I decided awhile back to try to duplicate something I saw on pinterest - cookies on a sucker stick!  I thought they were so cute.  I wanted to make them for my daughter's 1st graders.  Here's my afternoon...
 A double batch of Ghiradelli brownies...
 A single batch of chocolate chip cookies (to be baked in a pan) with a few butterscotch chips...
 After they were baked and cooled, I cut them out with cookie cutters...
I placed a sucker stick in the base of each one, then wrapped them in decorative cellophane bags...
Finally, I arranged them in a basket for Kate to take to school.  I do not have a heart or Valentine's Day theme hand towel, so I picked a Disney "Goofy" towel.  I figure the kids won't care.  In fact, they probably won't even notice.
I used parchment paper to line the inside of my [new] pans.  I wanted to protect the pans against the cookie cutters.  I was able to lift out the entire pan of cookies.  It worked beautifully and I am wondering why I have never done it before.  Clean up is a snap and I will definitely be using it in the future!
My thoughts?  I would say these were a success.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Little People Friends

If I could have figured out how to upload photos from my computer to the blog sooner, these pictures would have on my blog last week.  I know how to do it - I do it everyday, but I couldn't find these particular photos on my system, even though I downloaded them.  I know it's weird.  I finally did find them, so here's the story...
Last weekend I drove to Phoenix just so I could see Nicole and Sam's girls, Myah and Kylee.
The first picture is Kylee and all of us (except Granpa 'Sota - short version of Grandpa in Minnesota) played Uno.  This was like no other Uno I have ever played.  They've come a long way.
Miss Myah smiling for the camera.
Miss Kylee showing me her cards - you can't tell, but she probably was holding 1/4 of the deck.
We went out for dinner and ate at Padre's.  We were all happy with our Mexican food,
Kylee making her "I don't know what" face, with Myah looking on...
The restaurant.  Nicole drove so I couldn't even tell you how to get there, but it is in Phoenix, somewhere near her home.
Kimmy and her friend, Ashley, came by later to spend a little time with the girls. 
We had a nice time together and I can't believe how much they have grown!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you find this weird?

I am always - and I mean always - intrigued and attracted to things that are different or unique or just downright strange.  You can ask Nicole.  She likes vintage.  I like things that are vintage, but weird.  She will tell you that if you put me in a room, the strangest person will hone in on me.  She thinks I am a magnet for anything (or anyone) weird.  I came across the following photo on pinterest and loved it!  A rug made out of the spines of books - who thought of that anyway?
In the right room, it would be amazing.  It would be a bear to keep clean, though.  You would constantly be vacuuming it.  Maybe it would make a better wall hanging.  What is one of the oddest things you have seen?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybe I should drink more wine...

I think these photos tell you why....
   A lot of inspiration!
Really cute stuff - but a whole lot of wine.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just putting this on the record...

I had the Super Bowl 2012 on the TV today.  Anyone who knows me, knows that is unusual, because I am sports challenged.  I mainly watched it so I wouldn't miss any of the commercials and half-time show. And I really enjoyed Madonna's half-time show - very nice.
One more thing - it was held in Indianapolis, IN - 45 miles from my home town.  That actually caught my eye as well.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little bit of crafting

I had some friends (Cindy, Lois, and Jodean) over last night to do a little crafting - everyone working on their own projects - and so I had to clean up my craft room...
I think it looks pretty darn good.  
I had to rotate the tables and it gave us much more room to walk around the tables than before. 
 A view from another corner...
 I didn't really have a specific project to work on, but I have been wanting to paint this wood block and give it a little more character.  
The wire pieces?  They are coat hangers that have been cut and curled.
This card holder was made by Krista Koenig.  Since I loved her idea, she gave me this one and I displayed my handmade cards on it in my craft room.  
I am not sure I have room for it in this house, but we'll see.
 I painted it a kraft color using acrylic paint, then sprayed it with Tattered Angels Chalkboard using 3 different colors.  
I think the paint underneath gave it a splotchy, almost dotted look after the Chalkboard spray dried.  You can see the muted colors but also the little bit of sparkle.  
After that, I used a large floral stamp on the top and front.  I hope I gave it character.
So you can see it is great for displaying photos or small artwork.