Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Club - Tonight!

Tonight was my monthly book club meeting and we were supposed to have read the following book:
I started reading "Don't Get Too Comfortable," which is a series of short stories, but the author is very cynical and I just could not get into it.  His first book, "Fraud," was a best seller.
July's book is called "Elizabeth Street" and is about Italian immigrants.  I am looking forward to this book.  I think it has gotten good reviews, so hopefully it will be a great read.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

But It's Dry Heat!

When I first moved back to the valley and my card making really took off, I found this stamp:
Isn't this something that we always say here in Arizona?  Supposedly the heat isn't so bad because why?  Because it's a DRY heat!  When I bought this stamp, I also saw a rubber stamp with a vulture sitting on top of a western-looking street sign.  For some reason, I did not buy the stamp.  And now... I can' find one, or anything even like it.  You may ask what brought this to mind?  Well, while I was driving in my  neighborhood tonight, I saw this... and it reminded me of the fact that I don't have that stamp!
But also, how neat!  I have metal javelinas (a mama and two babies), but I love this vulture!  I just wish I had that rubber stamp!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I made it!

I finished all of my cards, past and present, for the card exchange which occurred on Sunday.  Done by 9:00 on Saturday night with time to spare at the Friends and Family crop.  Very relaxing night.  The first one here is for last month and the theme was a "blank card."  I used pages from a 6 x 6" Basic Grey paper pad.
This month's theme was any holiday.  While I would like to do something different, some weird holiday, I always seem to do Christmas - because that is my absolute favorite time of the year. This paper were  small paper pads I bought at Tuesday morning.  I am not familiar with the vendor, so I can't even give you that information, but I really do like the paneled look of the cards.  The paper has a shimmer to it.
The snowmen are so very cute!  You could actually use this same idea with last year's Christmas card fronts.  What a great way to "recycle" cards and still come out with something very cute.  Add glitter, ribbon, stickles, bling - very cute!
What do you do with your old Christmas cards?  I would love to hear what some of your projects have been.  Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday started off with a scary, but still a "feel good" moment

I have only one picture to show you, but I want to tell you something out of the ordinary that happened to me on Sunday morning.  I was pulling into the parking ramp at work (my office building - doing a little catch up work because I don't normally work on the weekends), and I heard a female voice yelling for help.  It was upsetting, so I drove around the first floor of my parking ramp but saw absolutely nothing, no people, no movement, nothing.  This bothered me even more, so I pulled out of the ramp to see if there was anything going on outside of the parking ramp.  As I pull out, I see a dog hanging by his leash and collar/harness from the top floor of a three-story parking ramp.  That was the lady I heard calling for help.  This is the parking ramp.  I took a picture on my way out.  I can't believe I missed her driving in, but she was on the right side of my car.

I quickly parked my car and ran across the street (in flip flops), up the stairs (thinking I really need to get back into shape) and headed toward the lady and her dog.  She is trying to get 911 on the line but can't keep a connection long enough to let them know exactly where she is.  Short story - Jada (her dog) was slipping out of the harness, but the good news was we were able to pull her up enough that I could grab her front legs and pull her over the ledge.  She was so good and calm.  When we got her back on the pavement, Jada just kept licking my toes.  I know she was telling me thank you.  She appeared to be fine, walking just fine - the owner in worse shape than Jada.  Their story:  The owner and her dog were jogging in the ramp, like they normally do, and for some unknown reason, Jada jumped over the outside wall.  I'm glad I came to work when I did; I was running later than I had hoped.  I don't think the owner could have held on much longer.  She said she had been screaming and many people went by, but no one else heard her.  Jada weighs more than 60 pounds.  It made me appreciate my two little dogs that much more.
and Sophie
Have a great day, everyone!  I bet Jada and her owner are having a relaxing night.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

July's All Occasion Card Class

My next All Occasion Card Class will feature Cosmo Cricket's new product, Glubers!  To simply describe it, they are large, very sturdy, glue dots.  They come in all sizes and they have been extremely popular.  AND... they are great for making flowers of all types!  Cosmo Cricket can hardly keep them in stock.  I also chose Cosmo Cricket's Social Club paper line.  My class is being held as usual at Paper Vineyard Scrapbook Store on Sunday, July 17, 2011.  You can sign up through their website or you can call and sign up - or even better, stop by the store! Below are the samples...
The class consists of 6 different cards and there will be some giveaways.  Come check it out...
As always, Cosmo Cricket has teamed up some funky colors and designs...  I love the print that looks like a peacock feather.  To me, it looks like an eye.  I just had to have it.
As you can see, we will be using border punches, eyelets, special scissors, Cuttlebug dry embossing, jewels, corner rounders... a lot of tools.
I will bring many different saying stamps so you can truly make these cards to be just what you need - whether it be birthday, friendship, get well, thinking of you, or some other event you have coming up.
Hope to see you then!  Thanks for checking our my blog.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Box for Josie

Last Sunday, I was able to spend more time in my craft room and I wanted to make a gift for Josie, who works with me at the law firm. I gave her a frame and asked her to bring me a picture - of whatever she wanted - and I would complete the small frame for her. It is a 4 x 4" box with a flip up glass top.  Here's what I ended up doing:

She gave me a picture of her grandmother.  Josie said she just really loves this photo of her.
I lifted the lid to take a picture without any glare.  It is a small box, so I wanted to keep it simple. 
A side view so you can see the different paper and ribbon.  These little frames look so cute just sitting on a shelf.  Hope she likes it.  :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

It really happened...

Kim made the Dean's List!  She sent me a photo of the certificate, and it took some doing, but I was finally able to load it to my blog. Still, we are happy and she is proud!

Way to go, Kimmy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A layout for a four-legged friend...

My friend, Lois (who is also a member of the "Lois Club") fairly recently got a new dog.  His name is Gambit and he is maybe 3 years old, not quite.  Paper Vineyard is having a competition for the cutest pet layout, so Lois entered this one.  Lois will tell you that she does not do layouts - she is a cardmaker and will make altered art items, but generally not layouts.  I think this is so cute - I especially like the cats watching King Gambit.  Good luck, Lois!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Antique Mall

I have never been to, but decided to spend some time at the Antique Mall on Arizona Avenue, south of  Warner.  It was like taking a stroll down memory lane.  I took photos of some of the nostalgic items that I came across:
My mother had a Jewel ware teapot just like this and one of my sisters has it.  I remember my mom using it quite a bit, though.  Do you remember you could only get them with stamps received from the grocery store?
An Underwood typewriter - like the one I learned to type on.  Man, have things come a long way since then.
Do you remember Mr. Machine?  We had one and played with him all the time.
Look at the price of these buttons... $25!!!  This jar is not that big, maybe 5 inches high.  At that rate, I could make a small fortune if I sold my buttons.
Remember the Charmin babies?
You don't see thermoses like this anymore.  We always took one of these filled with punch or koolaid to every picnic.
My mother's canister set.  She still has it and uses it every day.
Okay, this piece of furniture was the first version of the original Scrap Box - not really, but it was huge, and it rotated.  Lots of drawers.  It would work well in a craft room, but the price was $2,700 although everything was 10% off this weekend.
I saw this piece first and really liked it because it would hold 12 x 12 paper, rubber stamps (individually or by the set).  I thought the price of $669 was high until I saw the other one.
We had candle holders like this and used them for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table scraping off the melted wax on these candle holders.  I am sure my mother still has these as well.
 I can't think of the name of this brand of dishes, but my grandmother had a set if dishes like this.
Aluminum cups and pitcher.  We had these at my grandmother's house in Oklahoma.  We thought they were unique and really liked them - probably because of the colors.  They would sweat something terrible, though.
Nice "potty" chair."  I have never used one of these or really even seen one.  I have seen chamber pots at my great and uncle's house in northern Indiana when I was very small.  I remember the beautiful porcelain bowls under the edge of the beds and also remember asking my mother what they were for.  She told us "If you use them, you have to clean it up."  Obviously we used the indoor plumbing.
Another piece of Jewel ware - a tall teapot.  I bought this one.  The price was reasonable and really filled a nostalgic spot in my heart.  Jewel ware has become collective so it surprised me that I found it just sitting outside among the wood and metal products.
A minnow can.  My dad was a fisherman, so I have strong memories of bait and cleaning fish, etc.
And glass pop bottles.  There is a house near Cottonwood that took these old bottles and made a "bottle tree."  It was so unique - and I wish I had taken pictures so maybe I could duplicate it.

Well, that was a couple hours of my time.  I took more pictures, but felt these were enough to share.  Do any of these items look familiar to you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I finally used my Xyron

I have had this small Xyron for, oh, I don't know... a year maybe?  I didn't fiddle around with it to see how it works, so I never even pulled it out of the box.  Well, that changed last night.  I kind of did the same thing with my Crop-a-dile.  I had it for six months before I even opened the package.  And we all know how great a crop-a-dile is, right?
I put these these small punched out pieces on the inside page of my cards.  It was my friend, Cindy, who told me I should try it and how much she loved it.  Running them through the Xyron was SO much easier than using liquid glue.
I was able to run a whole strip through at the same time.  So easy!
Here's the smallest Xyron.  I think I should keep it right in the middle of my table.  I have a larger one that is 5 inches across that I bought at a sidewalk sale.  Again, I haven't tried it, but I'm sure I am going to love it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Make Up Cards from a Missed Card Exchange...

I first need to say that I have had a few "set backs" if that's what we want to call them - or "delays" in getting my blog done on a somewhat daily basis.  You all know that I moved in May - and that seemed to take forever!  I still have boxes around.  Then shortly after my move, I fell and really skinned up/bruised my legs.  A little over a week ago I was stung by a scorpion 3 times - and while I am physically okay now, it totally wreaked havoc with my mind.  Physically, the first 24 hours+ were a nightmare.  So because of these things, and just being busy with my other job, I missed the card exchange for May and June.  So I have some making up to do.  Cindy came over last night and we crafted - IN MY CRAFT ROOM - for the first time!  Amazingly, I have been able to get most of the stuff in this room.  So here's one of the make up cards for either April or May:
One of my goals this year is to use supplies that I already have.  I know I will buy new product, but I am trying to use up some of the paper and embellishments that are taking up room in my house.  This paper was a 6x6 pad that I bought at Paper Vineyard a couple of years ago.  It is "Rhythm" by Black Market Paper Society.  I have to admit I don't know anything about them, but I sure do love this paper.
Because it was a small pad, I didn't have enough to make 10 cards exactly the same.  I did use the same format for each card.  The  stamp is by Hampton Art.
I also used a strip of drywall tape - at least I am pretty sure that is what it is.  It is tacky on one side so it works great on cards - no glue involved.  And a roll is enough for a lifetime - for you and all of your friends.
Here's the whole group of cards.  I really do like this paper line.  I will have to look into this company.
Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gifts from Greece...

As I mentioned earlier, my oldest daughter, Kate, just returned from Greece.  She brought back a few items for me - a few things to remind me of Greece.  The box contains samples of honey.  The olive oil soap smells wonderful, very fragrant with a hint of cinnamon.  Kate knows that I love to try different types of bar soap.  Then, of course, I LOVE ornaments.  You can never have too many of those.

These are the three jars of honey, but they aren't marked as to the flavors, so I will just have to be surprised when I open the jars and try them.  I only remember that she said one is "heather."  She had honey over Greek yogurt while she was there and really enjoyed it.  Thanks, Kate, for sharing with me!
P.S.  I am so glad you are back.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Frame

I had a special order for a water sports/beach frame and the recipient's favorite color is blue.  So last night I sat down and pulled one together.  I think it turned out cute - love the palm tree.  I actually had 4 palm trees in my yard and truly did not like them, but on a frame?  I like it.
A close up of the palm tree.  I added the jewels to make them look like coconuts.
This is the back of the frame.  The inside/middle piece is reversible, so until it is actually filled with a picture, it is still pretty sitting on a table.
A side view...
These frames are a snap to do and could really be done with scraps.  The frames are more than reasonable at Michaels - once you do one, you will make a ton of them!  Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Nicole's GORGEOUS Prima Canvas Bag...

My very, very good friend, Nicole, bought a Prima canvas bag in 2010 and decorated it with the We R Memory Keepers Retro Glam line.  She used decopage to adhere the embellishments and paper.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Here are some shots of her bag.  The front... (my favorite part - LOVE the heart!)...
 Under the flap...
 From the side...  I love the way she stenciled the sides...
 Notice the stitching and patchwork on the handle...
Nice job, Nicole!  What's next?