Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walking tour of Zagreb

On Saturday morning, we drove to the old part of Zagreb ("ZAH-greb") and walked around the village.  Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.  I have to say that i think this may have been my favorite city. Some of the things I am amazed with are:
I realized that parking was at a premium when they marked the spots half on - and half off - of the streets and sidewalks.
All, of the old villages are not equipped to handle the current electrical needs, so wires are running across every street.
Okay, who actually starts a museum for broken relationships?  I did not get to go inside, but sure would have liked to.
These girls are dressed in Croatian costume, which is not done anymore except for tourists and school children (because they were not exposed to this history).

Tomorrow morning, we head back to the States.  It is about a 24-hour trip - almost.  I only shared some of my photos.  More to come once I get back and get rested.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Radovjlic and Ljubljana

Gosh, I sure hope I spelled those right.  I am trying to do it from memory.  We had dinner in Radovjlic, which is a very small village - and very quaint.  We started with a short walking tour and we got a really close view at the housing.
Most of the houses have these metal pegs which keep the snow on the roof and stops it from all sliding off at one time.
 We had appetizers in the cellar of the restaurant.  They fixed real kielbasa, baked in bread.  Very good!
 Then we listened to accordian music.
 We stopped in Ljubljana, the home town of our guide, and came across "Shoemaker Alley."  Look at what is hanging above the street!  Below is a map of Ljubljana which is in the City Hall building.
 They have SO many outdoor markets because grocery stores are not like in the U.S. with a store on every corner.  They buy all of their grocery needs in these markets.  What caught my eye today was the flower market.
I thought this building was so very beautiful and Moroccan looking.
It was one of the last buildings we saw before heading back to Croatia.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lake Bled in Slovenia

All of today we stayed in the Lake Bled area and visited a few small villages around it.  They were so quaint and, of course, there is always a church in the center of each village.  We still have a dinner later tonight (choice of "meat or fish" - a little scary) but some of today's photos are:

 We took a boat ride to an island across the lake from Bled and there is a church on the island.  To get to the church, you have to walk up 99 steps.  The lady on the right going down is Mary Anna.
This is one of the Slovenian boat gondoliers.  The weight of the passengers must be evenly distributed or the boat will tip over.  The breeze was cool and very refreshing, it was beautiful.
Slovenia is known for it's kreme cake.  We were told it is FAMOUS kreme cake.  I have to say it was by far the best dessert on this trip.  Very light, not real sweet.  Flaky pastry... mmmmmmmm.
This bridge is located in another small village.  The water is breathtaking and I am not just saying that.
Tomorrow we are back on the bus, heading back into Croatia toward the city of Zagreb.  I believe it is the largest city in Croatia.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Opatija and ... not sure where

Okay, I am starting to get confused on where I am.  We stopped for lunch in a really quaint town named Opatija.  On the menu?  Rumpsteak!  Yep, that's what I ordered.  Mexican food with a Croatian flare.  It was actually pretty good and a nice change.
While riding on the bus today, we went past many small villages, which I really enjoy!  It was hard to get a good shot, but this one is not too bad.
We stopped and toured some caves - it was huge!  Pretty cold down there, but again, it was amazing.
We are now in Bled, Slovenia.  Had to cross the border.  Now my passport has TWO stamps.  Whew hoo!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trogir and Plitvice Lakes

Today was an early start, getting up and heading down the road to Trogir.  It rained today but had stopped by the time we arrived in Trogir.  I took a lot of pictures today, but here are few:
 All of the palaces we have seen were built with the same idea.  The streets are stone and they are a myriad of streets of both private housing and businesses,  they are multiple levels and they are absolutely beautiful.
 In Trogir, there was an outside farmer's market and we 
noticed this lady selling garlic.
We then did a little bit of driving

and went to Plitvice Lakes, a national park with multiple, multiple water falls and extremely blue water!  We hiked around three of the lakes.  Would you believe it was 45 degrees?  It was very cold to us, but we still enjoyed it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday in Split ("Spleet")

We started our morning with breakfast, hopped on the bus, and took off for Split (the second largest city in Croatia).  It was a gorgeous drive up the coast.  I loved looking at all of the old buildings in the little villages we passed.  We had to cross the border in Bosnia.  So I passed through Bosnia today, as well.
 There was a thunderstorm last night, lots of lightning and loud thunder.  So this morning, we left in the rain.
 This is the largest snail I have ever seen.  He greeted us on the sidewalk and came to say goodbye.  Everyone took pictures.
We toured the palace of Diocletian, the 51st Emperor of Rome, who had a really big ego and thought very highly of himself.
I enjoyed the tour today and learned some interesting tidbits of information.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday in Dubrovnik

We started off with a walking tour of old Dubrovnik.  It was absolutely beautiful!  I wish I had studied up a bit beforehand, though.  A couple of pics...
This is the city of  Dubrovnik.
There are so many narrow passages between the buildings; it is like a maze.  
This is actually the size of a small lot, put to good use - laundry day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our first encounters with Germany and Croatia

After leaving Newark, we flew into Munich, Germany to change planes.  They had a couple of "lounges" that were quiet places to sit and rest.  This is a picture taken while I was reclining in the chair.  It really reminded me of the nap pods in the movie "The Internship."  If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I mean.
 Nap areas...
 If you really want privacy, check out this napcab.  For 15 euros you could rent a sleeping room at the airport.  I couldn't tell how much time you get, though.
Sorry, you have to flip the picture. 
 I haven't figured out how to do that on my nook.
 I thought this sign was funny.  It is the sign showing you where to exit from the restroom.  It makes me laugh because it looks like they want you to run.  
I definitely got some odd looks when I took this photo.
 We landed in Munich at 7:45 am so the shops weren't open yet but I was looking at all of the Hummel figurines in the gift shop window.  My mother-in-law has Hummels, so I found these to be special.
 After yet another flight into Dubrovnik, we were met at the airport and taken to our hotel, The Tirena.
We had a wonderful buffet,
So I tried small amounts of many different things.
Geri, this picture is for you.  I know how you appreciate my food photos.
I am already having a great time and am just getting started!

Friday, September 13, 2013

On our way!

Finally the day has come and Mary Anna and I are on our way to Croatia and Slovenia!  After a year of planning...
 We started with coffee since we had a VERY early start.
 Meet Mary Anna... we're playing games on our tablets, just killing time since our flight was delayed.
See the airplane.  It's not ours.
More later if I get near wifi.

Monday, September 9, 2013

September's card exchange - Halloween / Fall Theme

I decided to do my cards early this month (at least earlier than usual).  My normal mode is to design them and put them together the day before the exchange.  I had some "extra" time yesterday, sat down, and started working.
 I pulled out some Halloween paper, the cutter, stamp, stamp pad - not exactly sure what I will do.
You can see that I used an old Halloween line - "Haunted" - by Cosmo Cricket.
 I used the Tim Holtz tool for "distressing" the edges of each piece of paper.   
Got an assembly line going.  
I ended up using a rubber stamp called "Skeleton Poem" made by Stampendous.
I attached the film strip by using eyelets.
 This is the front of my finished card...
and the sentiment on the inside.
I need to pick up another package of eyes because I am short just a few.
I like it and I am glad to have this task out of the way.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Something new at our house

A new bed for Miss Sophie!
You might remember in a past blog entry, I shared a photo of Sophie's bed - with the stuffing pulled out.  She was definitely due for a new bed and I would say that she likes it...
and it's a good fit!

This is a test

I am trying this out to see if I will be able to blog while I am on my trip.  The trick is getting the photos from my camera to my nook.  Let's see if I can do it...

Okay, so far so good.  These are two of my favorite subjects and usually agreeable.  I would say it works.  At least if I can get wifi.  Mission accomplished!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This is brilliant!

At least I think so.  I am always looking for a way to store my craft stuff, supplies, finished products, etc.  I thought this was actually one of my better ideas:
This is a shoe rack - obviously - with clear pockets.  I separated the cards by category and when I get them all placed in the right pockets, I will label them.
The problem?  There are still too many cards.  But... I definitely like the idea.

Friday, September 6, 2013

I just want to share this beautiful photo... it inspires me.

The colors in these quilts really caught my eye, but I was also intrigued by how Lori Holt is hanging and displaying her quilts.  You can see a whole lot more on her blog if you go to a bee in my bonnet blog .

I just LOVE the colors and the fact that she is hanging her quilts.  I really like the handles and hooks she placed on the wall plaques - just a little different, but oh, so cute!  The colors just POP.
And wouldn't you die for a cutting table this size and this height?  Her room is so very organized - I am envious of the baskets and the neatness.  Especially the neatness.  Maybe I need to make that a goal for myself.  Hmmm.  Mine would have to be a combination of papercrafts and sewing.  Regardless, it does give me inspiration.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This little item is so cool and functional!

My friend, Geri, googled how to make these bowl pot holders, and then went home and whipped up a couple.
Why are they so functional?  Well, you know when you heat something in the microwave, and you try to take the bowl out, but it's too hot to handle?  Well, these quilted bowl holders are perfect!  You just pick them up by the corners to lift them out - and no burned fingers! So cool!